About us


In the late 70’s, the brothers Daniel and Ilan Cohen founded their spices shop in the colorful Levinsky market in Tel Aviv. Since then, the small family business has become a leading company that imports, manufactures, markets and distributes our products.


The Cohen Brothers believe that food without spices is like life without love, that spices are never just “spices” but a whole world.


Each spice has unique healing properties, a taste that enhances the experience of eating, fragrance and sensual color. For these reasons, the company produces pure spices in the production plant and invests in the best packing that will maintain the quality of the product. Accordingly, custom-made products can be ordered according to the customer’s wishes and needs.


In addition to being a company that imports and produces spices, we also have products in various categories some we produce some are importers including legumes, dried fruits, canned food, specialty oils, sauces, spreads, bakery products, pastry filling, jams, fruit purees and more. The abundance of products allows you to buy everything you need in one concentrated place – we are One Stop Shop, with every product invested in deep thought and love.


we distributes our products nationwide  to hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, food factories, catering companies, yeshivas, hospitals, shops, bakeries and more. And providing them with the most efficient and professional service.


The wide logistic system enables the distribution of products in all parts of the country.


Our company’s products are under the supervision of the Rabbi Moshe Landa Shalita kosher certificate, and meet the quality assurance standard ISO 9001-2008.


We invite you to browse our site and be impressed by the variety of products and their nature.